Cellcosmet - Skin Care

>>The Science of staying young<< – that's the slogan of the innovative Suisse cosmetics line. 

Due to the unique combination of cosmetics and medicine, Cellcosmet products combine this science. 

The patented living cell therapy considers not only the physiological skin age, but also the hormonal identity of female skin. 

Therefore the concentration of the cell extracts varies from prroduct to product. Due to the use of these care products, which are specifically tailored to each skin type and each skin age, convincing results can be achieved: 

The cellular treatments with Cellcosmet products effect a reduction of mimic wrinkles and a skin lifting. They revitalise the skin, entsure an optimale moisture penetration and help to prevent skin aging.


Allgäu Sonne Special

Convince yourself of our Cellcosmet Signature treatment, the only treatment, which contains the new Biomatrix face and neck mask.

The Collagen Biomatrix intensively supplies the skin with moisture, soothes and models facial features.

You will be amazed by the results of this exclusive treatment. Instantly relaxed facial features, newly defined contours, firmer and smoother skin and a harmonious and luminous complexion.

(cleansing, enzyme scrub, deep cleansing, eyebrow correction, soothing mask, face and neck mask, hand and décolleté massage, ultrasonic, eye care, cellular final care)


approx. 90 min. | € 210,-


Swiss Deluxe – The Royal approx. 75 min. € 180,-
Swiss Relaxing  – Anti Stress approx. 60 min. € 130,-
Swiss Ultrasonic Revival approx. 50 min. € 110,-


The infiltration of active ingredients through ultrasound cosmetics is also called sonophoresis (or phonophoresis) and ultimately occurs through the vibration effect. By moving the intercellular spaces back and forth, they can absorb more substances. The effects on your skin are versatile, e. g. wrinkle reduction, skin tightening as well as cleansing of the skin.

Ultrasound is used in the following treatments: Allgäu Sonne Special, Swiss Deluxe, Swiss Ultrasonic Revival, Cellmen Swiss Relaxing.

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